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Monday, May 30, 2005

Why Are Babies Conceived With Fertility Drugs Always "Miracle Babies"????

So what is it with these people? I've been following this particular story for quite some time(not really by choice--the newspaper was full of it). This couple agreed to pay a surrogate $25,000 for her services. When I first read the story, I thought "Oh well, it sounds like they can afford it". Now, as it turns out, the family in question is unable to afford these children. The surrogate has declined to accept payment "because she realized the financial hardship on the parents". Now, this article has the parents setting up a bank account and taking donations from strangers to contribute to the costs of caring for their children???? Anyone else find this totally obnoxious & irresponsible?

I have nothing against infertile couples seeking other options to have children, but for God's sake, they know the risk of taking fertility drugs (in this case, it was the surrogate taking the drugs). The cost of fertility treatments is exorbitant--didn't they realize that more than one child was a distinct possibility?? I'm sure the doctors covered that with the prospective parents. Maybe they should have taken a moment and said "Gee, we really can't afford more than one baby. Maybe we should adopt?"

I think the part that is most abhorrent to me is the constant references to God's will --such as the parents, friends, and even total strangers saying that "God wanted them to have these children". Hello? If God wanted this couple to have five babies, would they have needed a surrogate or fertility drugs? Maybe their infertility was God saying "Hey, you idiots can't afford to have kids, so I'm not giving you any." In any case, I feel that it is totally irresponsible to bring five kids into the world and then expect everyone else to pony up the cash to raise them.

It makes me ill to think of all the families out there that genuinely need help and are not receiving it because these morons, who chose to burden themselves with kids they couldn't afford, are receiving thousands of dollars in free goods and services simply for taking advantage of the "miracle" of modern science. What makes these people more "worthy" in the eyes of society??

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Kind of Looks Like He's Actually Indulging In "Man-On-Dog" Acts, Doesn't he?

I really wish I could link to the latest quote by US Senator and professional tool, Rick Santorum, but the quote was in a gray box above this article, so you'll have to settle for my direct transcription:

Rick Santorum, comparing the Democrats criticism of Republican efforts to ban the filibuster to Hilter, said it was: "the equivalent of Adolf Hitler in 1942 saying 'I'm in Paris. How dare you invade me. How dare you bomb my city. It's mine.'"

Yes, the man who brought you such kernels of wisdom as saying that legalizing gay marriage will lead to incest, bigamy, and "man on dog" acts; who voted for a cap on pain and suffering lawsuits, even after his own wife sued her chiropractor and won $350,000; and, yes, the man who said "I don't hate homosexuals. I hate homosexual acts."; is currently third in command in the Senate. I'm sure the president has a cute nickname for him.

Read more about this stunning political mind here.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

So, Are They Going To Force Us All To Marry Gays?

Seriously, that's the only reason I can think that would cause such a fuss. I'm still agog that my former lovely, liberal State of Oregon passed a law defining marriage to exclude same sex couples--what happened to you, Oregon?

I would really, honestly like someone from the other side of the fence to give me an explanation of how gay marriage is a "threat" to heterosexual marriage. My only caveat is that the explanation should not contain bible quotes, or "The bible says so". I really want to know, so if anyone has a serious explanation, please share.

My thought is that there is no threat (unless they are afraid that the gays will show us up by having more stable marriages). We heteros are doing a fine job of threatening marriage all on our own. Divorce rates among Evangelical Christians, and "bible belt states", in general, are the highest in the country. (Guess where the lowest divorce rates are?---Evil, liberal Massachusetts!) If these people really want to save marriage, they should consider a ban on adultery, or maybe making divorce more difficult to obtain. Maybe we could even make marrying more difficult--then we wouldn't have people getting married at 18 and 19 years old just because LuLu got knocked up that night after Youth Group bible study class, and then realizing (five years and three kids down the road) that a mistake has been made.

The real fear that these people have is the fear of acceptance--that gay marriage will become accepted in our society, and that our children will accept it as commonplace--it might even be more difficult to teach them how to hate and fear gays if they see loving gay couples all around them! Arrrgh! I can almost hear the wailing and rending of garments.

Seriously, I want to know why the decision about whether or not to "marry" two individuals can't be left up to the churches performing the marriages. Since religious types don't think a civil ceremony counts, anyway, why not let people marry in either a civil ceremony, or in any church that will marry them. If your religion frowns on gay marriage, your church can prohibit it--easy as cake.

Speaking of cake, my dear husband has a birthday on Thursday, May 19th. Stop by his blog and wish him a Happy Birthday.

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Why Commuting Makes Me Hate Humans & All They Stand For...

Being unemployed for two months made me forget the joys of the daily commute. Now that I have about an hour drive each way--an hour of bumper-to-bumper, driving 25mph on the freeway commuting, I thought I'd share my rant of why I hate everyone else on the road.

I know that everyone thinks they are a better driver than they actually are, but I know I'm not alone in thinking that all drivers fall into one of the following categories:

1.) Punk Boy: Slumped down in the driver's seat, steering with hand in the 12:00 wrist position. Backwards baseball cap and absurdly large spoiler are optional. He can be seen tailgating everyone else and madly zig-zagging through traffic. He's usually driving a Honda Civic or similar, but pimped out with a stereo system and shiny rims that cost more than the car is worth.

2.) Phone Boy: Basically the same person as Punk Boy, but he can also be driving a "status" car--usually a BMW or Audi. The one difference is the cellphone plastered to his ear. You've seen him driving slowly & erratically in front of you. Yes, there are "phone girls" as well, but the boys seem to be more common.

3.) Glamour Girl: She's driving slowly and erratically in front of you because she's busy applying her makeup on the freeway. Honey, if you can't make it work for you before you leave the house, what makes you think mascara at 50 mph is going to help? She is usually driving an SUV and dominating the left lane.

4.) Lane Nazi: Probably my #1 pet peeve. Lane Nazis will spread themselves across all lanes of traffic, driving slower than the posted speed limit. They see themselves as pace cars, leaving huge open spaces in front of them, and snarls of back-ups behind them. Damn it! They can't understand why everyone is tailgating and in such a hurry, and they will not speed up or leave the "fast lanes" for anything. Usually, they will slam on the brakes if you get too close.

5.) Obnoxious Vanity Plate Person: Personally, I think all vanity plates are stupid. They don't bother me except when they are over-the-top annoying like the one I saw on Friday--a woman driving a Lexus SUV with a vanity plate that said "Admire". My all time most loathsome sighting was a college age girl, driving a Spyder convertible with the vanity plate "IOU1 Dad"--It took every ounce of willpower I had not to slam my boring, practical, worked-my-ass-off-to-buy Toyota into that car.

6.) Obnoxious Bumper Sticker Person (OBSP): Poorer, distant cousin to "Obnoxious Vanity Plate Person", OBSP will litter their car with every sort of political bumper sticker available: American flags, "Support Our Troops" magnets, Jesus or Darwin fish, basically any bandwagon they can jump on. The best one I've seen was the pickup with "Bush/Cheney" stickers all over it--one read: "We're winning the war. The economy is great, so shut up!" The driver was wearing a big 'ol cowboy hat--talk about a stereotype.

7.) Marshall, Will, & Hollys: These people are truly in the Land Of the Lost and can usually be found on the surface streets, driving slowly and slamming on the brakes at each intersection (Is this where I turn?) If there is more than one person in the car, there is usually a lot of pointing going on. Pull over and look at a map or ask Enoch for directions, Damnit!!!!

8.) Old People: Sorry, Q-Tips. If you are unable to see over the steering wheel or the freeway scares you, so you can't drive over 45 mph, then it's probably time to hang up the old driving goggles.

9.) Mini-van Mom (Can also be SUV Mom)- Mom is so busy turning around in the car, van, or SUV to yell at, talk to, or hand things to her kids that she is completely unaware of her surroundings and drives accordingly.

And to all the other weird things I've seen: eating (not fries & a burger--I'm talking utensils and a plate), reading (mostly a newspaper, but in one case a Bible), rummaging around in the car (a bone of contention with me, since that's what caused the accident that disabled my daughter), not signaling ever...I could go on and on.

But why should I have all the fun? Please add your favorite on-the-road character--I'm sure I've forgotten many.

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

If You Thought The Youth Of Today Couldn't Get Any Worse...

I'm way too angry over this one to pontificate...This incident just leaves me speechless excecpt to say to these stellar "young adults":

Maybe someone should tie a rope around your necks and drag you behind a car speeding down the 51--how fucking funny would that be? Perhaps Johnny Knoxville would volunteer to drive? Then it could be broadcast on Jackass to show everyone what happens to assholes who torture animals. I think we need some creative sentencing in this case.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Bush Tightens Screws On Centrists

Honestly, that is the actual title of an article in today's paper. Check it out! This just confirms the bully-boy tactics I was talking about in my last post. Independent thought is not allowed in this party. Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck. You knuckleheads better straighten up!

I'm hoping that the moderates are able to stand up to this. We only have to look at what happened to Arlen Specter when he mentioned casually that the President might have a difficult time getting his judicial nominees approved--people were calling for him to resign, even though he was saying that the opposition would not be coming from him. If the hardliners continue to dominate, I might as well start looking into moving. Are there any countries out there that still like Americans? Really, we're not all assholes.

If anyone has read The Handmaid's Tale (the actual book, not the wretched movie), it deals with America basically becoming a theocracy overnight--Women are denied rights and forced to become breeders for high-ranking officials. Their money (since all transactions are done with plastic cards) is transferred electronically to the nearest male relative. Rather scary stuff when you realize that Margaret Atwood wrote about debit cards long before they were available. Every time I think that I am feeling paranoid, something else happens to make me feel like it's not so impossible, after all.

In other Stooge related news:

Our Republican controlled State government has decided that lowering the standards for school testing is the way to improve Arizona's compliance with the disastrous 'No Child Left Behind' standards.

This seems to be the standard strategy of this party. Have an endagered species that's about to become extinct? No problem. We'll just remove it from the list--see it's not endangered anymore! Air and water quality getting worse? We'll just increase the limits on the amount of toxic chemicals allowed--poof! Problem disappears. Education system has some problems? Don't worry, we'll just lower the standards so that enough kids pass to make it look like we're actually making improvements! Wake up Porcupines! We're getting screwed here and no one is talking about it. Can't get enough of the 'runaway bride', but give us some real news and we sink into apathy. Does no one feel outrage anymore? Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 12, 2005

And You Will Know I Am The President When I Rain My Vengeance Upon You...

OK, so I'm a bit confused about what threats are going out to Republicans who dare to oppose their Commander In Chief. First, it was John McCain, prior to the election, criticizing the Administration. A visit from the Prez and our wayward Senator was toeing the party line once again. I've always admired Senator McCain, even if I don't agree with him. He's a man who speaks his mind and isn't prone to parroting the party jargon like so many other politicians. It was really scary to see him gagged, even temporarily.

This latest incident really has me wondering. Republican Senator Voinavich says that John Bolton is "The poster child of what someone in the diplomatic corps should not be". After having the courage to stand against his fellow Republicans, and cataloguing Bolton's failures at diplomacy, he....Hold the Phone!...votes to continue with the nomination process. Huh?

What hold does the Administration have on all of these would-be dissenters? Nude photos of Jane Fonda? Salacious e-mails from gay lovers? We should be very frightened that officials elected to retain the checks and balances our founding fathers carefully put into place, are so frightened of whatever repercussions they might receive, they will vote against their consciences to stay on the President's good side. Why have the Republicans suddenly come up with this "My way or the highway" attitude--51% of the vote is NOT a mandate, and I'm guessing a lot of those folks have come to their senses in the last five months. Politics is about compromise from BOTH sides and our President and elected officials do not seem to be willing to do that.

All seriousness aside, here is a website where you can purchase your very own "Bad Motherfucker" wallet just like Jules. Buy one and intimidate someone today.

OK, I still need some entries in my Caption Contest. Don't be shy, give me some captions. There's still time to beat Michael's hilarious caption!  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

An Age Old Question is Finally Answered...How Many Clowns Can You Fit In A Volga?

Ok, I've been too serious, lately, so here's something fun I jacked from our newspaper...Create your own caption for this photo & post it in the 'Comments' section. Remember, you don't have to register to comment. Just post as anonymous and type your name in with your caption.

Have fun! My favorites will be highlighted in an upcoming post, and the "Winners" will have all the fame and glory that such recognition will surely bring them!

I should add that I do not care whether your caption is 'pro' or 'anti' Bush--I'm judging purely on creativity, so feel free to comment, Mr.Hannity! Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Was Jesus Really a Republican?

During my Grandmother's visit this past October, I attended the local Catholic church with her. I've had many issues with the Catholic churches in this area--namely that they are aping the "big box" evangelical churches by trying to make the services more about entertainment than worship (professional choirs and musicians, hand holding during prayers and hand waving during hymns). Not my cup of tea, but I went so that Grammam wouldn't miss mass.

The pre-election fervor was pretty intense at that time, and I marveled at how the priest was able to convey who he thought we should all vote for (take a wild guess) without specifically naming a candidate or political party. As an aside, this priest is currently under investigation in a sex scandal.

Apparently, subtlety is something lost on some clerics, however...This guy not only voted people out of his congregation for not voting Republican, but has told his congregation that if they do not agree with his politics (which he is still preaching even after the election), they should leave his church.

Will anyone in the administration dare question the tax-exempt status of churches that endorse political candidates? I'm hoping, at least, that the governing body the Baptist church will throw this guy out on his ass.

I'm honestly thinking that Jesus wouldn't have endorsed any political party. Both have beliefs that come in direct conflict with the Bible. Come to think of it, I can't imagine Jesus favoring any specific Christian religious sect, either. How arrogant is it to say "Jesus would have..." done this or that? If you read the New Testament, Jesus was pretty much a Socialist "Distribute your riches among the poor and follow me". Not to mention that he told people to go home and practice good works privately (not shout your good deeds and holiness from the rooftops).

I'm also so sick of people saying that God had a hand in either the most evil, selfish, or mundane things...

1.) Baseball players signaling their thanks to God for a victory or homerun. Like God cares who wins a stupid baseball game, or any sporting event for that matter.
2.) Politicians and leaders of Nations saying God was responsible for their victory, and then using that victory to push an agenda that is full of intolerance, greed, and phony piety.
3.) Couples who take massive amounts of fertility drugs to conceive, or hire a surrogate, and then say that "God wanted them to have five babies". If God wanted you to have five kids, you would have been able to conceive them naturally.
4.)Terrorist acts or wars in the name of God (any God).
5.) Men who treat women like crap, or as subservient, because that's what the Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, says.

Does anyone else think that God is sick of taking the rap for all of this crap?

What scares me is that I'm sure that there are people out there who would think that our daughter's accident was because my husband and I aren't "good Christians". What's scarier is that years of a Catholic upbringing still have me believing (on occasion)that everything bad that happens to me is "God's punishment", rather than a series of bad but random events. I'm hoping that someday karma will level the playing field for us.

We live a good life even if we don't go to church, so its always frustrating to see Joe Hypocrite attending church and mouthing the words and acting all pious on Sunday, and then behaving like a bastard for the rest of the week, but living the good life.

Is this all God wants? Lip service, church attendance and a "Support Our Troops" magnet on our car?

Sorry, I got off track here, but seriously, this is what I think about sometimes.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I Guess Jason and Leatherface Can Start Updating Their Resumes

Today's "moment of anger" is once again brought to you by our wonderful Commander in Chief...

This article was buried in our paper (I didn't even notice it until I looked at the online version). My only disappointment is that there wasn't a cute, ironic name given to this project--my vote was for "National Forests Accessibility and Protection Initiative". See? All that matters is the spin you put on it.

I can't believe that Mark Rey says that the goal was to "afford protection to roadless areas in the right way". Huh? Apparently, the way to protect these areas is to build roads and allow industry, because we all know how well industry protects the land it uses.

What astounds me more is how little the public knows about the beliefs of its highest governing bodies. I guess if you subscribe to the type of Evangelical Christianity practiced by the president, his closest advisors and key cabinet members--namely, that the 'End Times' are almost upon us, then you don't see much point in preserving anything for future generations because...well, there won't be any. All the Bushies will be swept away into a glorious afterlife, while we Godless Liberals roast marshmallows with Bill and Hillary and bitch about the humidity.

Having lived in two of those "Western States" for more than 10 years, I've read all about the fighting that goes on between industry (namely ranchers and loggers) and the powers that be. If you've ever driven around Oregon and seen the acres of stumps that were logging areas, or driven around Pennsylvania to see the devastation caused by strip mining, or driven around Arizona and seen...well, that there's not much worth preserving...but my point is that industry is never going to be happy with a small piece of the National Forest pie. They will demand more and more until we have nothing left, but hey, at least we'll have lumber for all the new houses going up in Queen Creek and AJ!

Not relevant to the topic, but a fun peek at my wacky family:
With the President's popularity at an all time low following the Shiavo fiasco, Social Security, and the endless Iraqi fighting, my Dad (not a liberal guy--he generally votes Republican, but loved Clinton due to the fabulous economy we had) had the following observation: "I'm still trying to figure out how this asshole got re-elected. Everyone I know is complaining about him, but none of them will admit to voting for him. Somebody had to vote for him". My Mom, who admits to mooning the TV in her youth whenever Nixon appeared, says she can't even stand to look at Bush long enough to moon him--a sad turn of events for her. Personally, I don't think you should be mooning anyone at age 56. At the very least, you should check with your physician before attempting it.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My Need For A Paycheck Overrides My Righteous Indignation

I did see several items in our lovely daily rag about which it would be easy to be angry, but since I did not have access to the computer until 9:30 PM, sleepiness has overtaken my rage. Now that I am once again gainfully employed, I am exhausted by this time, and thinking only of my soft bed.

I did find out yesterday, when I was sitting with another underwriter to "observe the process", that the company outsources all of its verification of employment checks to an office in Bangladore, India.

Today, when I took the "Welcome to Mortgage Company X" online course, I found out more... The course was designed to give a history of the company, as well as detail its Mission Statement, goals, etc. There was even a test at the end (which is the only reason I paid attention to any of it). There was a section in which you clicked on a year and a "significant event in company history" popped up.

When I clicked on the year 2001, the pop up touted the closing of two American offices in order to "streamline" the operations by moving those jobs to Bangladore, India. Of course they didn't talk about "moving the jobs". It talked about how great the event was for the shareholders, because so much money had been saved, and profits had increased. I just couldn't believe that they'd try to spin it in a positive way. Maybe I'm just that naive.

Anyway, I am sad to report that I need a job more desperately than I need to cling to the saddle of my high horse, so employed I will remain...for now. Perhaps I will have the energy to be angry about something else tomorrow.

Until then...

Monday, May 02, 2005

Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In!

I thought I could stop my pro-choice ranting, but shit like this keeps coming up, and making me angry all over again!

OK, so this child is not mature enough to make the choice to have an abortion, but she is mature enough to be a parent????? Where is the logic in this argument??

Let's see...what would damage this young girl's psyche the most?
1.) Having an abortion (a quick procedure for which she doesn't even have to be awake, and will recover from within a few days).
2.) Giving the child up for adoption and always wondering what happened to it. Not to mention possibly being confronted by the child when it reaches adulthood, when she may wish no contact.
3.) Becoming a parent at age 13, with all the consequences, responsibilities, and ramifications.

I'm going to go with Number 1, Chuck.

If she has an abortion, she'll automatically receive counseling to make sure she is making the decision on her own and is emotionally able to undergo the procedure. Despite what the other side says, clinics do NOT let a person with doubts go through with the abortion. Also, I don't know the circumstances under which she became pregnant (I mean if she consented to the sex), but she would also receive free counseling on birth control and STDs.

I hope that the ACLU can help this poor girl! Seriously, what is up with Florida? They love you if you're an embryo, or in a vegetative state, but just try to get legislature to improve education and health care for everyone else.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Arnie & Carl Discuss Jungian Philosophy Posted by Hello

Just Some Random Thoughts, Today, on Predator???

So, we were flipping channels on the TV yesterday and came across 'Predator'. How surreal is it to watch an action movie starring not one, but two U.S. State governors? The U.S.A. won't reach international cool status, however, until we begin electing porn stars (like Italy), or rock stars (Australia elected Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil to parliament a while back, and I believe he is still serving in government).

'Predator' also stars Carl Weathers, who I can't see, since his hilarious stint on Fox's 'Arrested Development', without uttering his famous catch phrase from the show... If you haven't yet seen 'Arrested Development', shame on you because the season is over, but do try to catch any reruns you can find.

Carl Weathers guest stars as himself. He is mentoring would-be actor, Tobias. Apparently Mr. Weathers is, real life. Producer and narrator, Ron Howard asked if they could use this in the show. Weathers agreed. The result is seeing Carl Weathers unabashedly stuffing his coat pockets at buffets and excitedly telling a note taking Tobias "Just add some water and a few potatoes and you've got yourself a stew!" He does this repeatedly.

I was going to write more, but I really feel like crap today. My last thought is about the fun stereotypes in this movie--the Indian who looks at the ground and can tell you what occurred there days ago, the woman who is smarter at surviving than all these special ops guys, combined, and of course the geeky guy who keeps making all the sex jokes when you just know he's not getting any.