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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

So, Are They Going To Force Us All To Marry Gays?

Seriously, that's the only reason I can think that would cause such a fuss. I'm still agog that my former lovely, liberal State of Oregon passed a law defining marriage to exclude same sex couples--what happened to you, Oregon?

I would really, honestly like someone from the other side of the fence to give me an explanation of how gay marriage is a "threat" to heterosexual marriage. My only caveat is that the explanation should not contain bible quotes, or "The bible says so". I really want to know, so if anyone has a serious explanation, please share.

My thought is that there is no threat (unless they are afraid that the gays will show us up by having more stable marriages). We heteros are doing a fine job of threatening marriage all on our own. Divorce rates among Evangelical Christians, and "bible belt states", in general, are the highest in the country. (Guess where the lowest divorce rates are?---Evil, liberal Massachusetts!) If these people really want to save marriage, they should consider a ban on adultery, or maybe making divorce more difficult to obtain. Maybe we could even make marrying more difficult--then we wouldn't have people getting married at 18 and 19 years old just because LuLu got knocked up that night after Youth Group bible study class, and then realizing (five years and three kids down the road) that a mistake has been made.

The real fear that these people have is the fear of acceptance--that gay marriage will become accepted in our society, and that our children will accept it as commonplace--it might even be more difficult to teach them how to hate and fear gays if they see loving gay couples all around them! Arrrgh! I can almost hear the wailing and rending of garments.

Seriously, I want to know why the decision about whether or not to "marry" two individuals can't be left up to the churches performing the marriages. Since religious types don't think a civil ceremony counts, anyway, why not let people marry in either a civil ceremony, or in any church that will marry them. If your religion frowns on gay marriage, your church can prohibit it--easy as cake.

Speaking of cake, my dear husband has a birthday on Thursday, May 19th. Stop by his blog and wish him a Happy Birthday.

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