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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Links To More American Stupidity...If It Weren't News, You'd Think I was Making It Up!


Arrrgh! Finally some time on the computer!

I've been keeping up with the news & getting pissed off about--namely this little piece of news. OK, so first it's having former oil company lobbyists changing reports about global warming, and now we're altering reports about the effects of grazing on public lands? And don't even get me started on the Downing Street memo...Honestly, congress voted to impeach Clinton for lying about having an affair?? Where's all that righteous indignation now??

Here's something I've always secretly suspected about women. Explains a lot when you think about why your friend is sticking with that loser she dates...Hmmm.

Honestly, I saw this headline out of the corner of my eye & had to read the story. Mmmmm Yogi never tasted better.

Should Florida just annex itself as Land of the Idiots?? This story seems to illustrate the kind of logic the average Floridian applies for everything from voting to managing a dispute (in this case). Of course, if I lived in a State governed by Jeb Bush, I'd probably be sticking a pistol in my mouth, too.

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Anyone else creeped out by the impending Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes nuptials? I heard some interesting & wacky things about Scientology during the discussions about Tom's indoctrination of Katie, and much goofiness can be found on the actual, official Scientology website. Check out the glossary. More fun, however, is this site, with fun photos of Tom accepting various awards from the church and steering Katie Holmes around like a ventriloquist's dummy.

Well, that's enough for me. Hopefully, I wont have to wait another two weeks to have a chance to update!

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

More Random Links...Can't Get Enough!

Americans poised to be number one in...mental illness! Everyone, chant with me: "U-S-A, U-S-A!"

Oddly enough this was in the "Family" section of the newspaper. Don't forget to buy a Father's Day card for your secret, married boyfriend. He may not be the father of your children, but that's no longer a reason to forget his Special Day. Maybe it could read "As you spend time with your kids on this special day, think about how we'll be screwing in your car next week on our lunch break. Maybe then you'll impregnate me and dump that bitch you married". Obviously that's a very rough draft, but the sentiment is there. Hallmark, here I come!

(1) I saw one on Saturday that could take the prize: Graduating high school senior girl (if the soaped "Congrats class of '05" on the back window was any clue) driving a brand new, shiny red Mustang convertible. The vanity plate read "Brit01", but the clincher was the license plate holder: "It's not easy being a princess". Awwww. Thanks Mom & Dad, but why an American car? I want a Hummer like Jamie's (insert whine here).
(2)Sunday at grocery store: SUV with "Da Momee" on the vanity plate--gorge rising...must stop. I was picturing a really square looking, middle-aged white woman driving that one.
(3) Today, driving home from work: Souped up, late model Honda Civic...vanity plate "NU Speed", with rear window professionally covered with quotes about drag racing. With drag racing causing a bunch of deaths recently, and with cops trying desperately to stop it, is it wise to advertise?? As we know from the Simpsons, Disco Stu does not advertise.

Oh sure, let this guy into the country, but confiscate my Mom's tiny nail scissors of death!

Really? Older people less grumpy?? I love the quote about people 60 and older avoiding confrontation rather than addressing problems in relationships. Perhaps they realize that no one else is going to put up with their grumpy ass. Or maybe they've just realized that the dating scene at age 60 isn't looking like a Smirnoff Ice commercial. It's so hard to look sexy when you've forgotten to put in your teeth!

That's it for now. I need to get to bed in preperation for another day of turning down--I mean underwriting your mortgages. Seriously, people, this job has made me realize one thing over the brokers are generally lazy idiots. Do yourself a favor & apply somewhere online.

Friday, June 03, 2005

The Ultimate In Tackiness Goes Mainstream

I don't think we can blame Star entirely for this phenomenon, but surely she bears some responsibility for making this tacky practice more "acceptable".
OK, yes I understand that people are getting married later in life these days, and often already have all the household accoutrements they need. I also understand that these people may prefer cash gifts, because it isn't customary for Mom & Dad to pay for the wedding anymore, but I think it is the ultimate in tackiness to expect your wedding guests to foot the bill for your wedding. Come help us celebrate our day...and bring your checkbook. The couple in the article seemed to be whining about spending $30,000 on their wedding---well...who said you HAD to spend that much? It was their decision to have a big wedding, so they shouldn't complain about not having enough for a honeymoon.

My husband & I got married 3,000 miles away from our home State. There were about 10 people at our wedding. We paid for almost everything ourselves despite subtle hints from my Mother-in-law about how it was "traditional" for the bride's family to pay for everything. I felt strongly about paying for it myself for several reasons: 1.) As a grown woman who had left my Dad's house and was supporting myself, I didn't think it was fair to go back to him & demand a wedding. 2.) I knew Dad didn't have the money, 3.) I didn't want to have to acquiesce to anyone else's wishes simply because they were holding the purse strings. We simply planned a wedding we could afford & put off the honeymoon until we could save enough for a trip. Greg's Mom & Dad paid for the Rehearsal dinner and the flowers because that's what is "traditional". My Dad paid for the church & Minister. We paid for the rest. My dress was off-the-rack $99.00.

The article in the paper really sounds like it is making excuses for this money grabbing trend. Sorry, I agree with Emily Post on this one. Have a wedding you can afford. If you want cash gifts, have your family put the word out, but for God's sake, don't put it on the invitations. I won't even get started on the whole "sponsorship" issue, because there is no way to make it sound like a good idea. This is the breakdown of society, people, we have to fight against this whole era of entitlement, irresponsibility, and selfishness!!

The whole point of a wedding celebration is to invite your GUESTS to share in your joy. Doesn't the word "guest" imply that you are responsible for taking care of them? They bring you gifts as a gesture, and to help you out--they are not obligated to give you cash, or even to buy from your registry.

Check out this fun website--Etiquette Hell. Read the wedding sections for true horror stories about brides, families, and weddings from Hell.

Bottom line: Stop whining! Stop feeling like everyone owes you. Be happy you are marrying someone you love, that you have your friends and family with you, and that they care enough to give you a gift.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Just A Few Random Thoughts...

I thought I'd cover some of the less political news today. Follow the links & enjoy!

OK, I only have one thing to say about this....EWWWW!

It's heartening to see Mike Tyson defending pigeons, but two things: 1.) Wow, I didn't know he even lived in Phoenix and 2.) He has to ask WHY people dislike pigeons???? They're noisy, messy, and disease ridden. Besides, they're vaguely creepy in flocks. If a large flock of pigeons starts swarming around for food at the park, I always have flashbacks of "The Birds"--run, Tippi, run!

I was wondering today about censorship...I was listening to my IPOD, and am still angry that I can't find an uncensored version of Harvey Danger's "Flagpole Sitta'" available to download. They bleep my favorite line from the song: "They cut off my legs. Now I'm an amputee, Goddamn you!" I was wondering why the song's blatant masturbation references were deemed OK for today's tender youth, but they had to bleep "Goddamn"?? Should I assume that the parties responsible for the censoring of the song were too stupid to comprehend the not-too-subtle masturbation references, or were too much in a tizzy of the Lord's name taken in vain to notice anything else?? Either way, it pisses me off--Goddamn it!!

I don't have a link for this, but Margaret Cho mentions in 'The Rep' (the entertainment guide, such as it is here in Phoenix) that she's seen a production of 80s TV show 'The Facts Of Life' performed by drag queens. Now, THAT sounds like fun! Just picturing "Blair" (played on the TV show by actress-turned-Christian-Rock singer Lisa Whechel) as a drag queen, makes me smile.

Just another thing for overachieving yuppie parents to freak out over. Oh my God, my baby doesn't have rhythm!!! Welcome to the world of being white--can't jump/no rhythm. Hey, at least we don't get pulled over by cops as often.

Another sign of the apocalypse. I was reading the flak about Paris Hilton's Carl's Jr ad, and was reminded of something I saw on Saturday. The gas station down the street from our home is home just about every week to one high school group or another hosting a car wash. I was driving home from the store with Mia on Saturday, and was stopped at a red light on that particular corner. There was the usual group of 15 to 16 year-olds waving signs to entice people into their car wash. One girl, who looked to be about 15, was clad in a skimpy bikini, and holding a sign that read "If you think we're sexy, come and get your car washed".

I'm presuming that there must have been some adults supervising this whole thing, so WTF?? If I were that girl's parent or teacher, she would have been hauled away to 1.) change clothes, and 2.) get rid of the sign. I'm sure she's a huge admirer of Paris Hilton. I'm not saying she should dress like a nun, but Jesus, my Dad regularly inspected what I was wearing & sent me to change if he thought it was inappropriate. I should add that my Dad isn't exactly Ward Cleaver, either.