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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Just A Few Random Thoughts...

I thought I'd cover some of the less political news today. Follow the links & enjoy!

OK, I only have one thing to say about this....EWWWW!

It's heartening to see Mike Tyson defending pigeons, but two things: 1.) Wow, I didn't know he even lived in Phoenix and 2.) He has to ask WHY people dislike pigeons???? They're noisy, messy, and disease ridden. Besides, they're vaguely creepy in flocks. If a large flock of pigeons starts swarming around for food at the park, I always have flashbacks of "The Birds"--run, Tippi, run!

I was wondering today about censorship...I was listening to my IPOD, and am still angry that I can't find an uncensored version of Harvey Danger's "Flagpole Sitta'" available to download. They bleep my favorite line from the song: "They cut off my legs. Now I'm an amputee, Goddamn you!" I was wondering why the song's blatant masturbation references were deemed OK for today's tender youth, but they had to bleep "Goddamn"?? Should I assume that the parties responsible for the censoring of the song were too stupid to comprehend the not-too-subtle masturbation references, or were too much in a tizzy of the Lord's name taken in vain to notice anything else?? Either way, it pisses me off--Goddamn it!!

I don't have a link for this, but Margaret Cho mentions in 'The Rep' (the entertainment guide, such as it is here in Phoenix) that she's seen a production of 80s TV show 'The Facts Of Life' performed by drag queens. Now, THAT sounds like fun! Just picturing "Blair" (played on the TV show by actress-turned-Christian-Rock singer Lisa Whechel) as a drag queen, makes me smile.

Just another thing for overachieving yuppie parents to freak out over. Oh my God, my baby doesn't have rhythm!!! Welcome to the world of being white--can't jump/no rhythm. Hey, at least we don't get pulled over by cops as often.

Another sign of the apocalypse. I was reading the flak about Paris Hilton's Carl's Jr ad, and was reminded of something I saw on Saturday. The gas station down the street from our home is home just about every week to one high school group or another hosting a car wash. I was driving home from the store with Mia on Saturday, and was stopped at a red light on that particular corner. There was the usual group of 15 to 16 year-olds waving signs to entice people into their car wash. One girl, who looked to be about 15, was clad in a skimpy bikini, and holding a sign that read "If you think we're sexy, come and get your car washed".

I'm presuming that there must have been some adults supervising this whole thing, so WTF?? If I were that girl's parent or teacher, she would have been hauled away to 1.) change clothes, and 2.) get rid of the sign. I'm sure she's a huge admirer of Paris Hilton. I'm not saying she should dress like a nun, but Jesus, my Dad regularly inspected what I was wearing & sent me to change if he thought it was inappropriate. I should add that my Dad isn't exactly Ward Cleaver, either.


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