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Every day there's a story in the newspapers that just pisses me off! Few forums I've visited offer civilized political discourse--they all seem to degenerate into name calling. So get angry, give your opinion, or just read 'em and weep for our warped society.

Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm Back, Baby!

After many weeks of trying to get the time & energy to post, circumstances in our Nation's capital (and elsewhere) force me to post...

First off, just how psychotically Christian is our president when Bill Frist is supporting stem cell research? I mean, Frist is the man who diagnosed Terri Schiavo as someone just in need of a little therapy, based on a videotape! Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn't it? The pro-embryonic stem cell research crowd now has a new slogan---"Stem cell research; Even Bill Frist approves".

Second item: Is God mad at the Boy Scouts? Last week, four Scout leaders were killed by electrocution. This week, lightning strikes a group of Boy Scouts in California, leaving one child brain dead and injuring seven others. I realize that this isn't a laughing matter, but can this be a coincidence? And the manner of their injuries is sort of suspicious, too. Is the Big Man trying to send a message? Oh, and is anyone else disturbed by the casual mention at the end of the first article that the Pentagon, until recently, financially supported the Boy Scouts of America????

In related news, the electric companies are making money, oil companies are making money, why aren't we making money? Big business is booming, and studies show consumers are spending like crazy, but is it spending, or increasing our personal debts? The gold collar kids are running themselves into deep debt and then moving back in with Mommy and Daddy. Thanks, parents. You're providing us with yet another generation of whiny, Holden Caufieldesque adults who have no idea of how to take care of themselves.

My biggest story of the day, however...Speaking of Big Energy, congress has finally approved money for exploration into some new forms of energy to wean our dependence away from oil. Wow, let's see--we've got coal--COAL! Are we in the year 1870? Anyone who grew up in the "coal region" of Pennsylvania (shudder) can tell you that coal is incredibly filthy. Ahhh I can reminisce about waking up on snowy mornings, as a child, and looking out on all that pristine soot, blackening the snow in everyone's yard. Also, the scenery created by strip mining is not to be beaten! Nothing but black fields of coal dirt for miles, with nary a tree in sight--ahhhh coal! Perhaps the new jobs referred to in the article are for chimney sweeps?

And nuclear power (perhaps Bush has finally learned to pronounce it, so we are moving forward with it)...who (in Pennsylvania, again) can forget Three Mile Island? Did someone say Chernobyl? Yet I'll bet every congressman in Pennsylvania voted for this because of the powerful energy lobbies.

How about solar energy, for Christ's sake? We live in Arizona where it is sunny 364 days a year, and we can't promote solar energy?

I'm depressed now. Thanks America.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...I Hope

Angry Liberal Mommy has had to take a brief hiatus due to...well, becoming an Angry Liberal Mommy for the second time. My new daughter, Norah Igraine, was born June 22nd.

For my husband's humorous account of the birth (and surrounding happenings), see our other blog for details & photos of the latest angry liberal in the family. Of course, I'll still consider loving her even if she grows up to vote Republican.

I'll endeavor to find some blogging time soon!