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Friday, September 02, 2005

So This Is My Life Now

I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted. I'm sure everyone has stopped checking, and I'm probably posting to no one, but I feel like I have to explain my absence.

This may come off as whiny, but I'm really not complaining. This is my day:

5:00AM: My alarm goes off. I used to jump right up, but lately I've been hitting the snooze until 5:10AM

5:10AM: I get out of bed.

5:20AM: After giving some petting to whichever annoying, attention-starved feline chooses to accompany me into the bathroom, I take a shower.

5:30AM: Put in contacts, moisturize, put on some makeup, and all that other girl stuff.

5:50AM: Feed the fish. Feed the cats. Get my lunch together. Usually, I have laundry to put in the dryer (or take out of the dryer).

6:10AM: Eat breakfast. Usually, I will try to read a bit of the paper while I eat. Greg is usually getting up about now.

6:30AM: Finish makeup. Fix hair. Get dressed. Usually by this time Mia is awake, so I say "Hello" to her, give her lots of kisses, and give her a toy or two to play with until Greg is out of the shower & able to get her up.

7:00-7:10AM: Make my latte. Grab my stuff, kiss everyone "Goodbye", and head out the door.

7:10-8:00AM: Hellishly slow 25 mile commute to the office.

8:00AM-5:00PM Work. Typically, I do not take a lunch hour, so that I can leave on time.

5:00PM-@6:15PM: Hellishly slow 25-mile commute home.

6:15-6:25PM: Change out of my work clothes.

6:25PM: Take charge of Mia. This could mean feeding her, if she hasn't been fed, or just reading to her or playing with her.

7:00PM: If it's bath night, I'll give Mia a bath. Otherwise, I will just give her her medicine (4 syringes/3 different medicines), brush her teeth, get her into pajamas, get out her clothes for the next day, and put her to bed.

7:30PM: Take charge of Norah. Change her, and get her into pajamas, and feed her, and feed her, and feed her. Somehow, I manage to eat dinner while I'm doing this.

9:00PM: Norah finally falls asleep.

9:15-10:15PM: Most nights there is laundry to do. Every two days, it is time to wash my hair and let it air dry a bit. Then, it's time to get ready for the next day: Boiling water, making formula, opening the mail, loading up the coffee maker for the next day, and general straightening up. Occasionally, I will get to read the rest of the newspaper.

10:15-10:30PM: If it's a hair washing night, I'll blow dry my hair. Then I do the usual washing, teeth brushing, etc. Then it's time for bed.

3:30AM: Norah wakes up because she has lost her pacifier. Replace pacifier.
4:00AM: Norah wakes up because she has lost her pacifier. Replace pacifier.
4:30AM: Norah wakes up because she has lost her pacifier. Replace pacifier.

5:00AM: Alarm goes off...Lather. Rinse. Repeat.